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Ajos Izquierdo S.L was founded as a company in 1983, but it is actually almost 100 years old, continuing the activity of a family devoted to the garlic and onion trade.

Currently, in Navarre alone, where it is based, the company has a cooler capacity for more than five hundred thousand kilos and an area of 2,000 square meters dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of fruit and vegetable products, particularly garlic, onions and potatoes. We also take an active role in the production and handling process for these products.

We work with the farmers we collaborate with to carry out a thorough control of seeds, varieties, planting and harvesting times, fertilizers, pesticides and any other factor that might affect the final quality of our products so that we can ensure their traceability. Our garlic and onion crops in Central Spain deserve special mention.

Another key feature of our company is international trade, with a solid, steady import-export activity.
We have expanded our product range since 1967 by gradually adding lemons, carrots, dried peppers, walnuts, hazelnuts, kiwis, apples and other imported nuts.