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Potatoes originated in South America and were first exported to Europe in the 16th century, first through Spain, and then later through the British Isles. It was first used as ornamental plant, and then for consumption. It was hard to imagine at the time that potatoes would play such a major role in fighting hunger worldwide.


Although we could actually name hundreds of potato varieties, the main differences are determined by the skin color, which can range from whitish-yellowish to reddish, also including rosy colors. The color of their flesh ranges from white to yellow, including a great variety of yellowish shades. Although there are more than 200 different varieties, we will just mention the most commonly used for daily consumption: Bintje, Agata, Monalisa, Red Pontiac, Kennebeck, Spunta, Desirée, etc.


Water 63-86
Carbohydrates 13-30
Protein 0.7-4.6
Fat 0.02-0.96
Ash 0.4-1.9
Minimum Round tubers must not slip through a square net with holes measuring 35x35mm.
Maximum Same for a net with holes measuring 80x80mm.
Tubers between 18 and 35mm may be marketed under the designation “granalla”..